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Family Owned.
Connecting Old Traditions With New Technologies.

2014 Award winner, "Voted the best wine by enthusiasts." Come visit Italy to taste our wines directly from our ancient cellars or enjoy the same quality anywhere in the world.

We are a family owned winery connecting old traditions with new technologies. This is the very core of our vision. Winemaking is an old tradition in Italy and we want to keep it this way. Bringing the wine to the consumer doesn't have to be necessarily obsolete. We have created our company following this simple vision. We are proudly bringing our partners, 400 Italian winemakers and their wines, to America and other continents. Our mission is to preserve the quality of our products as if they never left the vineyard. Our wines are shipped across the world in a more efficient way keeping our costs down, which are passed to the consumer.

Tapping Into the Future of Italian Wine

Italians are known throughout the world for their masterful artwork, rich history, exquisite cuisine and incredible wine. Home to some of the oldest known vineyards in the world, Italy now boasts more than 1 million active vineyards in 20 distinct wine making regions. While there is an abundance of choice for wine drinkers in Italy and beyond, not all Italian wines are created or bottled equally.

From the Ancient Region of Sannio, Italy

Vino Luxe is a family owned winery located in the heart of Campania, in Sannio, which creates exceptional Italian wines for the world. Grapes have been cultivated in the region since Pre-Roman time, and even by high Italian standards, the “Sannium” region is considered one of the best places in the world for wine production. The valleys there help to create unique micro-climates that are ideal for traditional Italian wine making.

With it roots planted firmly in location, Vino Luxe is also looking to the future of wine production and helping to reshape the way the world consumes wine. By connecting old traditions with new technologies Vino Luxe brings fine wine to consumers around the globe while maintaining the freshness and quality of the wine as though it had never left the vineyard.

For our Best Distributors

What was originally the ruins of a neglected village has been masterfully restored to create Aquapetra Resort & Spa. Set in the beautiful countryside of Campania overlooking rolling hills, olive trees, and vineyards. A luxurious resort with a lovely spa, indoor and outdoor pools, a gourmet restaurant in the old wine cellar and a renovated bell tower. Rooms decorated in a beautiful mix of ancient restoration, modern fixtures and furnishings. All the materials used in the construction are reused or from the local stone quarries in order to authentically replicate the original property.

Our best distributors will be offered a complimentary stay in this magical place to enjoy the exquisite cuisine and spectacular wine collection.

Aquapetra Resort & SPA
wine on tap. first glass as fresh as the last.


The process is simple; fine wines are created in the traditional manner through the barreling stage, instead of bottling and corking the wine, Vino Luxe fills plastic kegs that are sealed. Keg filing wine is a much more gentle method to “bottle” wine and virtually eliminates the possibility of bottle shocking the wine during transportation. The plastic kegs also have advantages over their stainless steel counterparts in that they are lighter to ship, do not need to be returned to the vineyard or distributor, and can be easily recycled.

When a traditional bottle of wine is uncorked it immediately begins to oxidize, which can ruin what was once an incredible wine. Vino Luxe wine kegs keep this from occurring in the first place. At their final destination, sealed wine kegs are coupled to pressurized inert gas (typically nitrogen, argon or CO2) that fills the keg when the wine is dispensed, similar to a beer keg system, keeping the wine fresh from the first glass to the last. With a Vino Luxe keg, traditional Italian wine is served with a fresh, modern twist.


Family Owned.


The First Glass is as Fresh as the Last


Perfected Preservation Technology
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Wine by the Glass at the Pull of a Handle

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Wine from the Ancient Region of Sannio, Italy

Vino Luxe also partners with over 400 vineyards in Italy, covering a planted area of about 120,000 acres. Together with their vineyard partners, Vino Luxe offers a plethora of wines including: Taurasi, Anglianico Sannio, Barbera Beneventano, Solopaca, Pino Noir, Chianti, Falanghina del Sannio, Greco Campania, Pinot Grigio, Solopaca Bianco, Fiano Beneventano, Greco di Tufo and Falanghina Brut.

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